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Ultimate Outdoor Living: Choose The Perfect Sectional

Ultimate Outdoor Living: Choose The Perfect Sectional

Posted by Leaders on 30th Mar 2021

One modern trend in home furnishings that has swept homes across the country are sectional groups. Sectionals differ from sofas by having a modular design, created by two or more pieces joined together to form either an L- or U-shaped seating arrangement.

Touted for their functionality, sectionals are not just reserved for indoor spaces. For the same reasons that make sectional groups fantastic options for your indoor living areas, sectionals specifically made for the outdoors can create the perfect outdoor living area while withstanding the elements of nature. Take a look at some of the benefits below that an outdoor sectional can bring to your home.

First and Foremost, Sectionals Are Versatile

Outdoor sectionals groups are some of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can add to your porch, patio, backyard or large balcony space as they can be configured according to the space at hand. If the area in question has a tight corner, sectionals can make the most out of the space. With one corner open, traffic can easily flow throughout the space.

Best of all, many outdoor sectionals can be customized to fit the needs of your space. Whether it's a shape based on your needs or with a customized fabric, you can create the perfect outdoor lounging or entertainment area.

Maldives Sectional

An Arrangement That Fits Just Right

Another element playing into the versatility of outdoor sectionals are the multitude of arrangements that outdoor sectionals can offer. Creating an accurate and detailed floor plan of your space before purchasing furniture items can ensure you’re maximizing your living space to its fullest potential.

This is especially true when adding a sectional to your outdoor living space. By looking at a floor plan noting the positioning of doors, windows and other important design elements, you’ll be able to visually see which sectional arrangement will best fit in your living space. Doing so will maximize the seating options with an additional corner seat that sofas cannot offer.

Don’t forget to consider which way the sectional seating is facing if there’s an outdoor TV or any views to keep in mind when you or guests are sitting down.

Utilizing Tight Corners for Additional Room Space

As mentioned above, there are multiple benefits to having two or more pieces come together to create a seating space. Sectional sofas are a fantastic design option for those extra tight spaces where corners can pose a problem.

The arrangement of a sectional can help fill what otherwise would be an empty or wasted corner by also adding an extra seating option. With some sectionals, you can even adjust the chaise portion and the remaining sections of the sofa according to your entertainment or lounging needs at the time.

Defining A Space With Your Sectional

Many times with outdoor living spaces, defined areas are difficult to control without the benefit of four walls as found in interior rooms. Adding a sectional to your outdoor area can define the space more clearly and create a flow of traffic that makes sense for your needs. For even further definition of an outside space, add a large area rug under the sectional to create the illusion of having an established room without interior walls.

Take a look at some of our top outdoor sectionals to create the comfortable outdoor living space of your dreams:

Kokomo Sectional


As with all sectionals, the Kokomo Contemporary Collection offers endless configuration options. Each piece can be attached to each other so you can change the configuration as time goes on and your needs for the space change.

Add more functionality to your sectional with the inclusion of hidden storage ottomans and tables to hide away outdoor items like towels or pool toys. The Kokomo Contemporary Collection also offers smaller scale individual items to ensure you’re getting the best fit for your outdoor space.


The most notable aspect to the Maldives Collection (shown above) is the classic aesthetic that works great for traditional, farmhouse or Mediterranean style homes. Is comfort a key element in your home? Maldives sectionals offer higher backs for ultimate comfort and relaxation. You’ll easily be able to take an afternoon snooze on one of these!

Retreat Sectional


Quickly becoming a bestseller, the Retreat Collection is considered the “most comfortable sit” in our showroom with the added benefit of high back comfort similar to the Maldives sectional. You’ll find contemporary styling and color options with the Retreat line which also features mixed media, woven wicker with PoliSoul arms and a plinth base. Better yet, Retreat outdoor sectionals work as a perfect pair to our best-selling PoliSoul fire pits.

Creating comfort to your outdoor spaces can be the make or break in getting the most use out of your patio, balcony or backyard living areas. Before automatically choosing traditional outdoor seating options, consider a sectional for a luxurious, modern look with all the comforts of indoor living.