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Choosing the Right Furniture for Your Balcony

Choosing the Right Furniture for Your Balcony

Posted by Leaders on 27th Sep 2021

Finding the correct height for your balcony tables, bar tops and chairs play an important role for the aesthetics of the space. If you choose furniture that’s too tall for your balcony, it could pose a safety problem. However, if you choose furniture that’s too low, you might lose sight of any surrounding views. Check out these tips from the pros before buying your balcony furniture.

Take Into Account Any Built-in Bars or Other Fixed Design Elements

Many homes today come with built in bars added by home builders don’t take into account traditional furniture height. If purchasing stools for an existing bar it is important to:

  • Measure the clearance of the bar to be sure that an armed barstool of choice will fit under without pinching your fingers.
  • Measure the height to the top of the bar so that you can choose a barstool with a seat height that is comfortable. Ideally you want a difference in the seat height of a stool and bar height to be between 9” and 12”.
  • Be sure to leave enough room for sitting comfortably at your table or bar.

Railing Height and Material Will Impact Your Selection

If your railing is made of a solid material like stucco or features a heavy pattern, it could obstruct your view if sitting on furniture that is situated too low. If this is the case for your balcony railing, you’ll want to choose a stool or table height that allows you to see over the railing.

If your railing does not obstruct your view, or is made of materials such as glass, cable, or light metal patterns, then you have free reign to choose the stool height that’s most comfortable for you.

Comfort Is Always Key

Comfort can be key if the concerns above don’t apply to your balcony space. Bar height stools give the advantage of height, with a seat height usually ranging between 29” to 31”. This sometimes looks best on a balcony area and might offer a better view when sitting than lower stool options.

Counter Height Stools give you the advantage of comfort, with a seat height usually ranging between 23” to 25”. These stools tend to be the easiest to physically get in and out of and can be great for those with less mobility. Unlike bar height stools, the lower seat height means you won’t have to lift yourself out of the chair and can easily stand from the sitting height.