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Fabric Protection

Indoor FabricFabric treated with Leaders' Fabric Protection offers excellent resistance to soiling and staining, causing most soil, dirt and stains to remain on the surface of the fabric where they can be easily removed.  After the Fabric Protection treatment, most liquid spills will bead up for blotting and most forced-in stains can be spot cleaned without leaving a ring.  Unlike Scotchguard, which only lays on the fabric surface and quickly wears off, Leaders highly specialized Fabric Protection system absorbs into the fabric yarn.  Because this finish lasts through heavy wear the furniture will retain that "new look" longer.

How the System Works:

Warranty CardBefore blotting a spill or scraping solid residue, check for colorfastness of fabric by blotting an inconspicuous portion with a damp, clean, white cloth. If the color lifts, you fabric is not colorfast. DO NOT PROCEED and contact Leaders Furniture for further instruction at

If colorfast, clean by blotting with a damp, absorbent, white cloth or paper towel. DO NOT apply water directly to the stained area.

Liquid Spills:

Absorb as much as possible by blotting, never rubbing, with a clean, absorbent, white cloth or paper towel.  Never force liquid through the fabric.

Solid and Semi-Solid Spills:

For greasy spills such butter, remove excess by gently scraping with a butter knife. Work from the edge of the spill toward the center to prevent spreading.

Rayon, Silk or Wool:

DO NOT PROCEED and contact Leaders Furniture for further instruction at

Regular Cleaning:

Frequent cleaning and vacuuming will remove normal soiling from everyday use.