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Poly Wood


Since 2004, we’ve focused on only three things: making the very best poly furniture, figuring out how to make it even better, and providing customer service that no one can beat.  That’s the Lancaster, PA way.  Our area has become world famous for doing things right, and we don’t plan to tarnish that reputation.  It’s a tall order that’s not easy to live up to, but we haven’t backed down from it yet.  Our poly furniture is meticulously hand crafted by expert artisans who are passionate about their work, and who never cut corners.  We’re constantly on the lookout for ways to improve. 

The Difference


Skilled Amish artisans patiently cut and assemble every detail to perfection.


                We only use the very best Allochrome 1500+™, which outlasts 316 and 304 stainless.  If you live near the salty ocean air, relax, your Casual Comfort Furniture™ can withstand the environment.


                Poly lumber is made from High Density Polyethylene, a recycled plastic that will never need to be painted or stainedThe durability and longevity of poly lumber is unparalleled.  Poly lumber is a strong material with the ability to bear significant weight, is impervious to insects, and resists warping and fading.


                We continually learn and take steps to make our furniture better than any other poly furniture manufacturer.  We reinforce our table tops with an aluminum substructure to prevent any possibility of warping on hot sunny days.  We also, do our best to hide as many screws as possible.  Internally hidden screws are not any easy task and many poly furniture manufacturers do not take the time or trouble to do so.  Secured by no-show screws, Casual Comfort furniture is designed to fit together precisely.  Each cut is accurate, each screw straight and tight.  Edges are routed to avoid annoying roughness that would spoil your outdoor experience.  Closely inspect our products, your new furniture, and you will see that we have paid the utmost attention to details during assembly and finishing.



In our continuing effort to ensure that your experience with your new purchase is positive with regard to comfort, quality and design, we take safety very seriously. Please note the following important safety information, in addition to any other safety information noted in this booklet.

Safety Warning!  Use of furniture in need of care and maintenance or use of damaged furniture can result in injury.  Minor repair issues, if unaddressed, can become major repair and service issues, which create potential safety hazards.  If any concerns arise, please contact the Leader’s Casual Furniture® Solutions Center for support at, .

Product Inspection

Periodically and carefully inspect all products for breakage and/or indications of wear.  Inspections must include, but not be limited to, joint tightness, spring assemblies and the weld areas of the product’s, arms and legs.  If joints are loose, or any cracks should appear on the product or at welds, the item must immediately be removed from service until repaired.

Inspections must include all bolts and screws.  Should any loose or missing hardware be detected, the item must be removed from service immediately until the hardware can be properly tightened and/or replaced.

Inspections must also include chaise lounge and recliner headrest ratchets.  Periodically tighten the headrest bolts on all chaise lounges and recliners.  Confirm all other hardware is tight, movement is smooth without binding, and that the ratchet engages properly at each position.  At the same time, carefully inspect the headrest ratchets for breakage and/or wear. If headrest ratchet breakage and/or indications of headrest ratchet wear are present, a replacement headrest should be ordered and the furniture must immediately be removed from service until repaired and/or replacement parts are installed.

To obtain replacement parts, please see the SERVICE / ORDERING PARTS AND ACCESSORIES section of this brochure.

Product failure caused by a lack of the reasonable, but necessary care and maintenance is not covered by the product warranty.

Notice for Contract Installations:  Periodically and carefully inspect all products for breakage and/or indications of wear.  Such inspections must include all products of a like kind and model, not merely a random sampling within model categories or among like products.

Regular random inspections of a sampling within model categories and among like products must be undertaken in addition to the periodic inspections of all products.

Chaise lounge


Swivel tilt motion chairs

Rocking chairs

Contact the Leader’s Casual Furniture® Solutions Center immediately if you notice concerns.

Safety Warning!  Chaise lounge and recliner headrests must NEVER be adjusted while seated in the chaise. Serious finger, hand or other bodily injury may result from adjusting the headrest while seated.  Headrests must always be adjusted while out of the furniture and standing to the side.

Notice for contract installations:  Include the following or substantially similar information in the form of a conspicuous written notice as part of the posted Rules and Regulations at poolside, or wherever the chaise lounges and recliners are available for use: "Never adjust chaise lounge or recliner headrests while seated. Serious finger, hand or other bodily injury may result from adjusting headrest while seated."


Please also consider including such notice in the written material(s) provided to guests in connection with the availability and use of the guest amenities at your facility.

Windy Conditions

Safety Warning!  During windy conditions, chaise lounge and recliner headrests may be blown forward, possibly resulting in head, neck, facial, arm and/or back injuries.  During windy conditions the headrests must be lowered to the fully down position. The use of the chaise lounges and recliners must be discontinued and users should leave the area.

 Notice for contract installations: Include the following or substantially similar information in the form of a conspicuous written notice as part of the posted Rules and Regulations at poolside, or wherever the chaise lounges and recliners are available for use: "During windy conditions, the use of the chaise lounges and recliners must be discontinued and users should leave the area."

Please also consider including such notice in the written material(s) provided to guests in connection with the availability and use of the guest amenities at your facility.

Cleaning and Care

Preventative Maintenance

Leader’s Casual Furniture® takes pride in providing products that are easy to clean and own.  Easy to clean does not mean that it will not get dirty in an outdoor environment.  A little preventative maintenance goes a long way when it comes to keeping your new furnishings looking newer, for longer

Regular periodic care of your outdoor furniture will help maintain its appearance and functionality better than occasional, heavy duty maintenance. Consider the specific conditions and usage to which your product is exposed, so appropriate maintenance can be provided.  

Mildew can form on dirt or other substances deposited upon the fabric. Regular cleaning of outdoor furniture will help to prevent its forming.  DO not place flower pots or any items on the furniture that will leave stains.  DO not place hot items directly onto furniture to avoid melting.


Covers can be purchased for at a great price, for any size furniture or table, including sectionals and fire pits.  Using good quality, weather proof, breathable covers to cover your purchase while you are out of town, while the leaves are dropping, through pollen season, or through seasonal rains will not only reduce the amount of cleaning you have to do to keep your furniture looking new, it will also reduce your use and exposure to cleaning agents.  Please send us an e-mail if we can help you with purchasing or information about covers at, .

Corrosion Block®

Corrosion Block® was a product developed specifically for the marine and aviation industry to protect aluminum.  When used as part of your regular furniture maintenance program it will ensure you get the maximum life out of your outdoor furniture.  Leader’s Casual Furniture® is an authorized Corrosion Block® dealer.  Please see your local store or our website to order.

NOTE:  Corrosion Block® works fantastic on stainless appliances in your home or your outdoor kitchen

Application is Easy:

Spray Corrosion Block® onto a rag and wipe the painted metal surface.  Do not spray Corrosion Block directly onto the surface from the can.  Over application will make your furniture feel wet and slippery.

Recommended Protection Schedule



Full sun, marine or pool side

Clean and protect once every three months

Full sun no marine or pool exposure

Clean and protect once every three months

Under cover partial sun

Clean as needed, protect at least once a year

Under cover no sun

Clean as needed, protect at least once a year

Coastal Exposure

Living the coastal lifestyle is a dream for many, but living the dream and living near the saltwater can be a challenge for anything left outside.  The salt in the humid air takes a toll on everything from the exterior of your home, your car, and your outdoor furniture.  The best preventative maintenance you can do for your outdoor furniture while living near the coast, is to rinse it regularly with a hose to remove the salt and apply corrosion block to all metal surfaces and painted metal surfaces quarterly.  Any nonmetal surface should be sprayed quarterly with Turtle Wax Ice, following the directions on the bottle.

What to Use


Nothing is better than a periodic rinse and if necessary using car wash soap or dish soap and a sponge to remove soiling.  If your frames require a more thorough cleaning the best product to use for soiling is Mean Green®.  If you have mold and mildew stains you can use a solution as strong as straight bleach to clean them.  Please be careful to use appropriate protection and to protect clothing and other fabrics in the area.


After a soaking rain or anytime the cores of the cushions get wet it is best to stand the cushion on end to allow them to drain more quickly.  This will prevent mold and mildew growth between the frame and the cushion.

Spot wash the fabric to clean spills by using a sponge or a soft bristle brush with a warm soapy solution of mild detergent (Joy or Ivory liquid).  Brush or sponge the soiled area and rinse thoroughly with fresh water.  Allow to air dry.  Repeat if necessary.


If and only if your cushion is made from 100% solution dyed acrylic such as Sunbrella®, you may use 1 part bleach mixed with 1 part water and mild dish soap to clean your cushions.  Check a small inconspicuous spot for color fastness before cleaning the entire cushion.  Be sure to rinse the cushion thoroughly to remove all of the bleach solution.

Service / Ordering Parts

After a safety inspection or at any time during your ownership, please contact the Leader’s Casual Furniture® Solutions Center to order replacement parts or to discuss any concerns you may have at,




Casual Comfort warrants to the original purchaser that its polyethylene lawn furniture will be free of original defects in workmanship and materials for a period of fifteen (15) years of residential use or five (5) years of commercial use starting on the date of purchase.  At its option, Casual Comfort will repair or replace this product without charge for materials and labor, providing our inspection indicates that an original defect exists.  Should Casual Comfort choose to replace the product, and the product is no longer available at the time warranty service is required, a substitution of similar performance and equal or greater value will be made.  Polyethylene is a synthetic and may scratch or fade when exposed to sunlight, or stain after prolonged contact with other substances.  Some expansion and contraction is to be expected due to extreme changes in humidity and temperature.  The forgoing shall not be considered defects in materials or workmanship and are not covered under this warranty.  Stainless steel fasteners are warranted not to fail structurally for the applicable warranty period.  Stainless steel may rust in certain extreme conditions such as coastal areas if not maintained properly.  This warranty does not cover rusting fasteners or structural failure due to rusting fasteners, damage caused by unauthorized service or repair, alteration of this product, abuse, or misuse, normal wear and tear on materials or any attempt to use the product in a manner for a purpose other than for which it is made by the manufacturer for such items which may extend to you.  Casual Comfort makes no warranties other than those which are specifically described herein.  Casual Comfort makes no implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose.  The sole remedy provided in this warranty is repair or replacement of this product.  Casual Comfort does not pay shipping fees to replace the products.

File a Warranty Claim:

We are here to help you after the sale.  To help us process your claim as fast as possible please complete the following steps.

Step 1:   Take a picture of each item with a concern in a format that you will be able to attach to an email.

  1. 1.       Take a picture of the entire item with a concern
  2. 2.       Take a picture of a close up of the concern
  3. 3.       Repeat for every item with a concern


Step 2:  Send an email to and include the following

 Your name

 Phone number

 How many items you have a concern with

 A description of each concern

 A picture of each item and a close up of each concern

Step 3:  One of our Solutions Center Representatives will get back to you within 24 hours.  If you do not hear back for some reason within 24 hours please contact us toll free at (877) 538-5783


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