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Your Outdoor Furniture: Make Sure You’re Covered

Your Outdoor Furniture: Make Sure You’re Covered

Posted by Leader's Casual Furniture on 7th Nov 2018


With the air turning cooler and the days shorter, it would seem patio season is coming to a close. But while our southern exposure means we can enjoy the outdoors more days of the year than most other state-side spots, there are still care concerns to consider when it comes to backyard furniture. Besides products and methods we can recommend to keep your patio furniture looking new all year round (something for another post), one of the best investments for your outdoor furniture is simple: covers. 

Whether you’re considering buying some for your patio pieces, or you already have, covers are the simplest way to keep your outdoor furniture looking new for longer. Contrary to what you might think, it’s not inclement weather that does the most damage; every day exposure is by far the most damaging – and most preventable – culprit causing premature aging to your patio items. Not only do good quality covers protect from dirt, pollen and debris (such as leaves from seasonal changes and rains), they also serve to extend the life of the pieces by reducing sun, water and – in particular – salty air exposure. These daily elements can cause the most damage over time, so cover up any time you’re expecting to be away from home for an extended period. That way, you won’t look out your backdoor one-day and see patio furniture that suddenly looks twice as old as you remember. 

As for choosing your covers, purchasing your outdoor furniture from Leader’s Casual Furniture already puts you at an advantage: we have durable, weather-proof, breathable covers for all our ranges at great prices and for any size furniture or table - including specialized covers for fire pits, sectionals, and even full dining sets…with or without umbrellas! And because our covers are made with Rhinoweave™, they won’t crack or peel over time like regular vinyl covers, which means even when covered up your patio pieces stay looking great. Best of all, caring for your covers couldn’t be simpler: just throw them in the washing machine to clean, then store in a nice, neat package using the handy side storage pouch that most have sewn into their side. No matter the specific furniture type, our wide range of sizes and shapes ensures we have all your pieces covered.

Whatever your patio holds, Leader's Casual Furniture is here to help you protect your investment so your outdoor furniture can keep you – and company – comfortable for years to come. Take a peek at our Measurement Guide that illustrates measuring your furniture for the right fitting cover and contact us with any of your cover questions at And, as always, feel free to swing by one of our 19 showrooms around Florida to check out our full range of outdoor furniture – including covers – today!