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Will It Measure Up? Leader’s Top Five Tips for Replacing Cushions.

Will It Measure Up? Leader’s Top Five Tips for Replacing Cushions.

Posted by Leader's Casual Furniture on 14th Feb 2019

Looking for a style change but don’t want to throw the baby (ie: your still mint condition furniture) out with the bathwater (aka: your out-of-date or beat-up cushions). We’ve all been there before; bored or fed up with our dowdy look but equally hesitant to forking over our hard earned money just because we’re in need of a slight revamp. Thankfully we’ve got good news! Even top stylists and interior decorators suggest that unless you’re need a total overhaul, a few minor accessory adjustments or touch-ups really do go a long way towards reinvigorating the space and items you already have. Breathe a sigh of relief, you’ve already saved yourself a bundle.

Now, before you go haywire in celebration by purchasing piles of new throws and cushions, do make sure you measure your furniture properly so you don’t end up with an ‘overstuffed’ look instead of the sleek and sophisticated style you had in mind. Here are a few tips for how to take your bored room to boardroom by measuring correctly.

1: Foundation Fundamentals are First

It is ALWAYS best to measure the furniture’s foundation rather than the existing cushion. Cushion shapes can change and warp over time whilst your furniture will stay intact, making for a much more accurate guide.

2: Think Three-Dimensionally

You’d be surprised how many people only measure the height or width of their furniture but not both. Here’s what measurements you’ll want to consider for your comfiest cushions:

Back Width

Back Height

Back Thickness

Seat Width

Seat Depth

Seat Thickness

3: Curves Ahead

Looking to replace curved corner seats? Make sure to measure not only back and seat height and width as above, but also a maximum diagonal measurement. The devil is in those details!

4: Arrive in Style

Now is the time to switch up your style! Provided your furniture’s measurements allow for variation, now might be a great time to switch up the style of your cushions to really maximize your new look. What about changing up a soft and plush pillow style for a boxy and bold square-back or modern round style? Consider the same thing for your seat. Leader’s has hundreds of fabrics and patterns to choose from with many matching accessories. Feel confident to change up patterns and colors from bold and vibrant to soft and soothing, knowing we will have the right accessories on hand to add that extra finishing touch and polish to your outdoor space.

5: Always Ask

Have a question? Don’t be afraid to raise your hand and ask away! All of Leaders replacement cushions are 100% custom made, which also means 100% not available for return, cancellation or exchange once the order has been made. So, if you’re ever unsure of anything, give us a call or come into the store and ASK. We want to make sure you are 100% happy and confident with your purchase. Make sure you are completely satisfied before you send those cushions to print, because once you hit send, you’ve passed the point of no return. Literally.

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