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Aluminum Furniture: Out of the House, Not Out Of Mind

Aluminum Furniture: Out of the House, Not Out Of Mind

Posted by Leader's Casual Furniture on 4th Dec 2018

Aluminum is a robust outdoor furniture material once valued more than gold. Now used for a range of needs from the big (automotive, aircraft and building construction) to the small (food canning and household wiring), it is also a popular and durable option for outfitting your outdoor space. Considering this intelligent investment, you’ll want to get in-the-know on how best to keep your aluminum patio furniture looking great while protecting it against the variety of Florida elements.

First, the good news: aluminum has an amazing ability to resist corrosion, owing to its thin surface layer of aluminum oxide that forms when the metal is exposed to air. This means the aluminum of your backyard furniture won’t further oxidize, it has built-in corrosion resistance, so it won’t rust, and it will maintain its structural integrity despite tough outdoor environments (we’re looking at you, saltwater and sea air). So, there isn’t a great deal that can go wrong – as long as you practice proper aluminum care and maintenance.

As with most things, a little goes a long way. We’ve already touched on the importance of covering your furniture when you’re going to be away from home for extended periods of time, but a little weekly cleaning also goes miles towards the long-term maintenance of your aluminum patio furniture.Using a simple mild soap and water will remove most spots and stains, and a gentle spray rinse and cloth buff will keep the metal looking clean and shiny. Avoid abrasive cleaners as a rule, especially if your aluminum outdoor furniture happens to have a Powder Coat finish; these could damage the finish, diminishing its benefits to your patio furniture and wearing it beyond it’s years.

Those living near the coast should take particular care in their general aluminum furniture maintenance. As the salt air and extreme humidity can take a toll on the lifespan of your aluminum patio furniture, a general cleaning schedule should be paired with quarterly use of care innovations such as Corrosion Block®* - a product developed specifically to protect aluminum. And the best news? Corrosion Block does double duty outside and in, working wonders on stainless appliances in your home or your outdoor kitchen! Simply spray on to a cleaning cloth or rag, then wipe over the metal surface of the furniture item. Take care to be conscious of how much you use, as over-application will make your aluminum patio furniture wet and slippery to the touch, and NEVER spray directly on to the furniture.

For added protection to patio furniture with a non-textured, smooth gloss finish, using a clear protective polymer (a spray wax, such as Turtle Wax or another automotive wax) on your aluminum outdoor furniture on the same quarterly schedule as Corrosion Block®can further protect from UV fading and surface contact with salt, chlorine and dirt common in backyard pool or coastal settings. But be careful: this product could damage a textured finish, so stick to mild soap or detergent for cleaning those surfaces.

Aluminum furniture from Leader’s Casual Furniture is a great choice for your patio; it’s durable, attractive, and when treated and cared for carefully and faithfully, can last many years. If you’re smart and prepared, then hey! aluminum furniture is no sweat. Stop by one of our 19 showrooms across Florida and select your aluminum outdoor furniture set today!

*Leader’s Casual Furniture® is an authorized Corrosion Block® dealer. Please see your local store or our website to order.

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