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All About Fire Pits

All About Fire Pits

Posted by Leader's Casual Furniture on 13th Jan 2020

Fire Pits are attractive, warm and inviting, but there is more to owning a Fire Pit than what meets the eye.

Read about it:

  • The Flame: Commonly, non-permanently installed Fire Pits are made to house a small propane tank that is refillable and/or interchangeable. Our Fire Pits are created to house a 20-pound propane tank. The tank is easy to use and refill as needed. Be sure to check if you can use a standard vertical propane tank or if you need to use special horizontal propane tank. Our square and round Fire Pits use a standard propane tank, but you would need the horizontal version for use in most of our rectangle Fire Pits.
  • The Construction: We use thicker powder coated aluminum in our structural frames than most manufacturers. We want our products to stand up to everything Florida can throw at us – wind, rain, salt and sun. We hand select the materials that go into each piece. All of our hardware is 304 stainless steel or better. Whether it is hand-woven wicker, PoliSoul™ Timber, artisan carved original molds for cast aluminum, and aluminum that looks like wood, we put the time and effort into each piece to give it a look that will compliment your space.
  • Care & Maintenance: Leader’s Casual Furniture® takes pride in providing products that are easy to clean and own. Easy to clean does not mean that it will not get dirty in an outdoor environment. A little preventative maintenance goes a long way in keeping your new furnishings looking new, longer. The coastal lifestyle is a dream for many. Living the dream and living near the saltwater can be a challenge for anything left outside. The salt in the humid air takes a toll on everything from the exterior of your home and your car to your outdoor furniture. The best preventative maintenance you can do for your outdoor furniture while living near the coast is to rinse it regularly with a hose to remove the salt and apply Corrosion Block® to all metal surfaces quarterly. Any nonmetal surface should be sprayed quarterly with Turtle Wax Ice following the directions on the bottle.

Do’s & Don’ts:

Do’s: Yay, you have a warm and cozy Fire Pit! Please DO the following.

  • Carefully inspect your Fire Pit before and after use to ensure gas has been turned off and the ignitor is not still on.
  • Create a fun and consistent schedule for maintenance.
  • Use in a well-ventilated area.
  • Read your ownership manual.
  • Kick back and enjoy with friends and family!

Don’ts: Now, as fun as it is to sit by the fireside, DO NOT do any of the following.

  • Use the flames as a source to cook with. A fun past time of roasting marshmallows is great until the marshmallow falls into your Fire Pit and becomes difficult to clean.
  • Touch the burner or media (fire glass, or other filler) shortly after use.
  • Use unauthorized décor items, such as marbles, to fill your Fire Pit.
  • Leave children unattended around a Fire Pit while in use.
  • Use Fire Pits as a place to sit.