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Why is Palm Springs Rattan® Better?

Palm Springs Rattan® is hand crafted of only the finest quality materials available. Only "A" grade rattan is used on Palm Springs' products. Expertly styled cushions are enhanced by a selection of top quality fabrics to coordinate beautifully with a tropical lifestyle. Palm Springs Rattan® focuses on every facet of construction to ensure the consumer receives a good investment that will compliment their home for many years.

Where Does Rattan Come From?

Palm Springs Rattan® is resourced from many locations in China, Indonesia and the Philippines.  The staff of full time buyers is dedicated to search for the best value, style, and quality furniture. They continue to search out new companies to expand their knowledge of the industry and stay on the leading edge of design, construction, and style. Many of the styles are original to Palm Springs Rattan®.


Table Construction

All Palm Springs' tables are over built for greater stability and strength. They either have multiple generously sized poles in each leg for strength or are crossed-braced. In addition every table is screwed and glued at each joint, which is then wrapped with leather. The end result is a stable table that will last for years.

Seating Construction

Palm Springs Rattan® is designed with heavy use in mind. Most of the beautiful collections would be as at home in your own private tropical get-a-way as they would be in your favorite resort. Screwed, glued, leather wrapped joints, nylon glides on all feet, choice of finish, many matching pieces, and your choice of numerous fabrics with no up-charge are just a few reasons Palm Springs Rattan® stays in front of the competition.

Dining Chairs and Castor Dining Chairs Construction

Quality and value - that's what you will find in every Palm Springs Rattan® dining chair. Extra bracing for reinforcement is standard on all chairs. Straight chairs come with durable non-marking glides, your choice of finish and your choice of fabric.

Palm Springs Rattan® castor dining chair program is like no other in the industry. You cannot find a more sturdy, comfortable rattan chair anywhere, period! It all starts with steam bent, "A" grade rattan, screwed, glued and leather wrapped into attractive styles. Next the swivel tilt mechanism is bolted to the bucket instead of screwed like the industry standard. Palm Springs Rattan® uses a 5-spring swivel tilt box system instead of the normal 3-spring. We learned from experience and have made the base of the swivel tilt chair stronger than any other rattan swivel tilt dining chair in the industry. In the leg alone their are 9 steps. You would be hard pressed to find just three of these steps in any competitor's chair.

9 Step Rattan Swivel Tilt Dining Chair Reinforcement

  1. All legs meet the ground at a 90° angle. This reduces the stress on the rest of the chair.
  2. The center of each leg is drilled out and a hard wood dowel  is epoxied in place.
  3. The center of each hard wood dowel is then drilled out and a nylon sleeve is glued in.
  4. A section of aluminum pipe is hammered over the bottom 1" of each leg to prevent expansion.
  5. Each leg is leather wrapped to enhance the tropical look
  6. A metal washer is placed between the snap in castor and the nylon insert to prevent wear on the nylon insert.
  7. A non-marking dual wheel castor is used on all legs to help the chair move over grout lines and through carpet.  This dual castor also gives the chair two pressure points per leg reducing stress on the castors. 
  8. Every joint on the base is screwed and glued for extra strength. 
  9.           Finally, every spot where metal could contact fabric is covered with a rubberized pad.

Quality is all you will find in a Palm Springs Rattan® castor dining chair.


Palm Springs Rattan® has a hand applied stain coated with a durable polyurethane spray. This combination makes it very resistant to scratching and allows you to see the natural beauty of the wood underneath.






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