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How to Care for Rattan & Wicker?

Rattan is one of the most maintenance free furniture materials in the world, requiring very little care in comparison to other furniture types!

To remove dust, use a soft brush. You can even use the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner.

To keep furniture looking its best and to protect the finish, wipe occasionally with a damp cloth followed by an application of good furniture polish. We find lemon oil to be an excellent polish for dark finished Rattan (omit the lemon oil on white or whitewash finishes). For the removal of body oils or dirt, we recomment Murphy's Oil Soap. If your rattan is a dark finish, Old English Scratch Cover is easy for small touch-ups of scratches followed by a clear lacquer spray available from any hardware store. The clear lacquer is also perfect for touch-ups on natural finishes. Small touch-ups on white or whitewash is easiest by brushing on a very small amount of correctly colored paint with the tip of your finger.

If the binding or wrap loosens, return it back to its original position after applying white Elmer's Glue to the area. Hold the binding in place while the glue is drying by covering the repaired area with plastic wrap and tightly wrapping tape over the plastic wrap. When dry, remove the tape and wrap for an invisible repair.

As you can see, there are not any sophistciated materials or techniques needed for you to maintain your rattan or wicker furniture for a lifetime!

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