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Determining First Quality Rattan

First quality rattan furniture is built of hand selected quality rattan poles. A variety of coloration in the wood is normal and is caused by the combinations of minerals in the solid where the particular plant was grown. This helps to give each piece of rattan furniture its own unique personality. There truly are no two pieces of rattan alike.

The individual poles of first quality rattan should be uniform in size and not have a noticeable knobby look. The joints should be close fitting for greater strength and a pleasing appearance.  Joints should be glued and secured with nails and screws. Bindings should be either quality genuine peel (the tough outer bark of the rattan pole) or genuine leather. In either case the binding should be tightly woven and secured for lasting durability. Leader's rattan peel and leather bindings are glued and nailed to assure permanent adhesion; eliminating loosening or unwinding.

Well made furniture has a rigid frame. The quality of the seat frame is basic to overall strength of any piece. Lift the seat cushion to assure that the manufacturing is clean and strong. Tables should also be strong. They should not be wobbly. Moldings should be smooth and close fitting and should be attached with glue and counter-sunk fasteners.

All mechanisms should be properly manufactured and rigidly mounted. Swivels should operate properly and freely. Quality casters should be mounted in reinforced caster sockets at the base on each leg. Leader's special technique and high quality standards virtually eliminate weakness in motion and caster mounts.

Finishing is highly important as it will created the desired look that you will enjoy for years to come. The application of multi-step finishes over thoroughly sanded and sealed rattan is the final step in quality furniture. Leader's uses the most beautiful and durable finishing processes available today.


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