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Rattan Dents, Gouges & Scratches

Rattan Bistro SetSupplies Needed

  1. Acetone
  2. Clean Soft Rag
  3. Steel Wool or Fine Grit Sandpaper
  4. Blush Spray Paint
  5. Appropriately Colored Furniture Touch-Up Marker
  6. Appropriately Colored Furniture Fill Stick

Always wear eye and skin protection to prevent liquid or other materials from entering your body.

Cleaning and Maintaining Rattan:

Rattan should be maintained like any other wood furniture. Vacuum your rattan and wicker pieces occasionally with a soft brush attachment to remove dust. Use wood furniture polish such a Murphy's Oil Soap® or Pledge® as directed to keep clean the original finish.

Remove Scratches:

Pecan Glaze:  Use Maple Brown or Cherry Universal Touch Up Marker. Fill Stick 230-0408 or similar dark color as the wood.

Whitewash: Whitewash Marker (blend with your finger or paper towel if too light)

Natural: Clear Coat Spray

  1. If surface is not smooth, sand first with steel wool or fine grit sandpaper.
  2. Apply marker to the affected and surrounding areas and blend.
  3. Blend with your finger or paper towel.
  4. If a darker touch up is needed, let dry for 30 seconds and reapply marker.
  5. If the shine on the finish is not consistent apply blush spray, remembering to spray the surrounding areas to blend.

Remove Dents and Gouges:

  1. Apply a fill stick that is a similar to your furniture's finish.
  2. Firmly rub the fill stick over the area.
  3. Blend with your finger or a paper towel.
  4. Remove the extra fill stick material off the surrounding area.
  5. Spray lightly with glass to match the original shine.

Minor Scratches:

  1. Rub with lemon oil OR apply blush spray.

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