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Decorating with Toss Pillows

One of the quickest and most cost effective ways to enhance the decor of any room is by adding a variety of toss pillows.  Toss pillows are a great way to introduce texture, color, patterns and comfort to seating and dining collections while creating a compelling visual effect that reflects the ultimate decorative touch!  

Embroidered Toss PillowsLeader's also offers a decorative and humorous selection of embroidered pillows which enhance a room's beauty and make entertaining more fun!  How about this one for a conversation starter...  "Guests always welcome... Relatives by appointment only!" 

With such a variety of styles, shapes and colors, whether you want a seasonal shake-up or you are looking for a trendy, vibrant change, it is easy to do with the right toss pillows. Combine wild patterns, bright colors or trendy styles to give your home an updated look and make a huge visual impact on your room - inside or out! Because toss pillows do not require a big commitment like furniture, you don't have to be afraid to change them often and live a little on the "dangerous" side!

Can Different Combinations of Toss Pillow Create Different Styles?

Contemporary - for a fresh, clean, modern flair here are a few tips:

Traditional - time honored appeal that gives a room the classic warm lived-in feel:

Eclectic - give your room a spontaneous anything goes attitude:

Round Toss PillowsHow do I pair Colors and Fabrics?

If you get stuck choosing color and fabric combinations then grab inspiration from a favorite painting or piece of art. Choose fabrics that combine small patterns with large ones as opposed to all small or all large patterns for the most visually appealing and interesting combinations.

For a no fail way to add toss pillows without fear, simply add a patterned pillow onto a solid color chair or sofa to add contrast.

Here are some tips to help when choosing three coordinating fabrics to compliment any room. First, choose an anchor fabric - a pattern you love which all of the other fabrics will revolve around. Your anchor fabric should have a minimum of three colors. Next, choose two more fabrics, each having one or two of the anchor fabric colors in their patterns. The three fabrics should vary in contrast and pattern scale; one dark, one medium, one light and one large pattern, one medium pattern and one small pattern. If you like all three of your fabrics to be patterns then be sure you choose one straight pattern and two curvy or vice versa for the best look.


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